A Bulletin About Brand Safety


As you have might have heard, there has been news regarding brand safety concerns on YouTube. I want to take this moment to reassure you that Channel Factory takes this issue very seriously, and have been putting extra precautions for the past few years to protect our brands from the UGC universe.

On top of YouTube’s tools, we keep our clients away from controversial topics/content through a combination of our proprietary technology, human intelligence, and a rich database.

  1. Our IQ technology scours the social video space 24/7 and scans the audio, video, metatags, comments, etc. on a page to more precisely ensure that your brand is never next to questionable content. Simply put, our technology vigilantly eliminates content that has racism/sexism, pornography, profanity, guns & violence, drugs, terrorism and more.
  2. Our team hand-picks and puts together a custom targeting list for your campaign, ensuring that no targeted content is unsafe.
  3. IQ also scans and curates a list of negative content that we blacklist on all our campaigns. This rich database has been accumulated over the last several years and includes anything associated with content deemed unsafe, including events that occur in real-time (e.g. school shootings).

In light of the recent news surrounding this topic, Channel Factory will continue to invest in our brand safety technology with our human filter as further curation. As we run more campaigns and gather more intelligence through machine learning, our technology gets better and smarter at ID’ing the best performers but also kicking out the bad content.

Please do not hesitate to reach out with any concerns or questions regarding this matter. Know that we are taking every measure possible to make your campaign not only cost efficient and successful, but also in the right environments.

Thank You,

Tony Chen

Why Is This Important?

YouTube is the premier destination for video consumption, with over 5B uniques on the platform each day!
But, it’s a sobering fact that both informative and dangerously amateur content vie for your viewers’ attention every second.

Our Approach

To combat this problem, we combine our technology, human intelligence, and rich database
to build the most relevant and brand safe targeting for our clients.

Content Targeting

Our IQ technology scours the social video space, sanitizing content through extensive blacklists, ensuring that our clients’ message never run alongside questionable content. Simply put, our technology vigilantly confronts racism/sexism, pornography, profanity, guns & violence, drugs, terrorism and more. Additionally, our technology curates a brand safe whitelist that targets your key audience on a campaign.

Human Filter

Our team of experts double checks and guides our technology to curate the most appropriate and brand safe content for media to run on.

Content Database

Our database of non-brand safe content constantly grows with 24/7 IQ identification and human filtering, preventing our client videos from running alongside it.

Powered By IQ

Our advanced machine learning algorithms work to proactively determine the risk of current and future content for a given YouTube channel. By identifying liabilities before they become a problem, brands can feel safe that IQ is always working to make your campaigns smarter and safer.

A Brand Safety Thesis

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